The changing face of the Bond Girl

You can’t have a Bond film without a Bond girl, it just wouldn’t be right.
But as Daniel Craig’s James Bond has given us an edgier take on the famous character, filmmakers too have needed to give us more modern women.
At 51, Italian actress Monica Bellucci has earned the uncoveted title of “Oldest Bond Girl” for her role in “Spectre” but she made a very fair point to ITV News today, saying she would rather be known as a “Bond Woman”. She also points out that, in the film, she looks like a woman in her 50s (she looks amazing, quite frankly!)

Her younger co-star, and someone who is happy to be called a Bond Girl, is the French star Lea Seydoux. She plays another of Bond’s love interests (who doesn’t?) but her role in “Spectre” is far deeper than that, with the actress saying her character has the power to make 007 “become a feminist”. 
Yes, really.
The reasoning behind that lies in a major plot point, which I won’t be giving away today.
One of my favourite reincarnations in the Bond franchise is Moneypenny. Naomie Harris returns to the role which couldn’t be much further from the secretarial Miss Moneypenny of the 1960s.

Check out this video showing Moneypenny from 1960s to now.

Harris’ Moneypenny may still flirt with Bond, but she also becomes one of the few people he can trust in “Spectre”, with a key part to play.
The Bond Girl has come a long way over the years and with both director Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig hinting “Spectre” will be their last Bond film, will we ever see women taking their places?
It would certainly be interesting, but I suspect, for 007 at least, that would shake and stir things up a little too much.

Watch Spectre trailer


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