Wear it like Beckham


Mary Portas at her Living and Giving shop

The temptation was just too great.   

When I went to a charity shop in Primrose Hill to cover the sale of Harper Beckham’s clothes, I didn’t expect to splash the cash myself.

When I arrived at Mary Portas’ “Living and Giving” Save The Children shop an hour before it opened, there was a queue of around 10 people. Fashion guru Mary made a quick appearance before dashing off for a radio interview.
The first person in the line, Vicki Love, had been there since 6am, setting her alarm early to try and buy an outfit for her niece.

Three of the 25 Harper Beckham outfits

Victoria Beckham had donated 25 of her 3 year old daughter Harper’s outfits to the sale, personally matching items together, and they were being sold for between £150 and £500.  Helena Wiltshire from Save The Children told me that when they asked the former Spice Girl for a donation, they hadn’t expected her to become so involved.

Victoria Beckham tweeted this photo of the outfits she donated


Amid the gaggle of shoppers and press photographers, I clocked how many of the outfits were the perfect size for my daughter, who is two this weekend. 
As the time ticked closer to the store opening at 10am, and as news came through that my camera man was stuck in traffic, I couldn’t help myself and swapped my work head for my mum head. 

Well this happened!


Hopping to the back of the queue, I followed the excited shoppers inside and, within minutes, had bagged a gorgeous Chloe dress. The price tag? £150. Whoops. 
However, every penny is going to Save The Children – a great cause and a great tale to tell my daughter when she is older.


Vicki too picked up a Chloe dress which came with Marc Jacobs shoes so her early start wasn’t in vain.

If you are quick, there are still some outfits available in the Primrose Hill store and, although they are not cheap, I can assure you from personal experience, that it feels wonderful to have donated to such a great cause.

Programme Editor Richard Frediani tweeted this photo as I edited my ITV News report

My nearly 2 year old, of course, is completely oblivious to the history attached to her new posh frock. 


Channeling my inner “Posh”

Hopefully one day she may thank me!


Wearing it like Beckham

My ITV News report  

How I got papped by the Daily Mail.


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