Tale of a Snail – A True Story

I haven’t written a poem since I had to do it at school, but this week I was inspired by my daughter and my niece. They found and nurtured a snail in their grandparents’ garden during a warm bank holiday afternoon. I’ll let the poem explain the rest…


Tale of a snail – A true story

Two little girls, sunny and sweet,

Found a snail they wanted to treat.

Flowers and petals, grass and a shrub,

All piled high in a nest for the blub.

They watched, they celebrated their little snail,

And made up a song, which was quite a wail.

Mummy called “tea time” and the girls filled with fear,

They couldn’t leave snail, pleading “Let’s eat here!”

“We must protect him, he can’t be alone”,

But Mummy was stern and beginning to moan. 

The girls went inside and swallowed their pride, 

And ate their tea quick in case snail was sick.

Before too long, they sang snail’s song, and rushed outside to see him.

But soon they returned, sad and concerned, crying “a bird has eaten him!”

Mummy rushed out to see if all was as spoken,

And there was the snail, crushed and broken.

Tears from the girls, their beloved pet,

Now squished and wet, “can we call a vet?”

Tears ran down the little girls’ cheeks,

As the snail was moved next to the leaks.

A grave of flowers placed over his shell,

A few more tears and a final farewell.

“I’ll find you a new snail”, Papa kindly said,

And soon he returned with three that weren’t dead.

“A whole family!” the girls beamed with delight,

And once again set upon their plight.

Once again, a colourful nest, 

Bonny and bright for the snails to rest.

As the cousins played, Papa and Mummy looked on,

Remembering times which have now since gone.

“I think it was me,” Papa confessed with a laugh, 

“the flippin’ thing was in the middle of the path.”



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